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Hotel Oscar Hotel Oscar pioneering blend of the shared and various traditions that comprise the American music ethos; derived from the musical stylings of rock and roll, funk, country, folk, blues, R&B, jazz, and hip hop. Formed in the heart of the Florida Panhandle as a roots-rock trio, Hotel Oscar has developed into a refined portrayal of honest, American - made Rock & Roll. 

  • Treble
    Mose Wilson
    Guitar / Vocals
    Cowan, TN
  • Treble
    Isaac Eady
    Drums / Vocals
    Tullahoma, TN
  • Treble
    Adam Cooper
    Saxaphone / Keys / Vocals
    Gulf Shores, AL
  • Treble
    Owen Finley
    Destin, FL










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Rock and Roll Graveyard

Draw Some Blood

Never Give You Up

Liked It

Florida Snow

Nothing's Gonna Hurt

Black Cat Jerry

Travelin' Bone


Dead Man's Song

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  • Treble
  • How Mose Met Isaac
    Mose Wilson

    I was born in the small southern town Winchester, Tennessee. From what I've gathered, I’ve always loved music, and early-on grew especially fond of the guitar. As many musicians do, particularly through the bible-belt of the southeast, I learned to sing in church. Around the age of five, I started leading songs. The music service in the church I was brought up in was strictly a Capella, which forces you to learn how to sing… because everyone was signing!

    At around eight I started taking guitar lessons from this rocking Jazz cat named John Cook. I learned from John until I was sixteen and then decided I knew everything and bailed. What I have learned since then, is that I have a lot more to learn and I should have paid more attention… because John is bad ass. He was a great teacher and I owe a huge amount of my playing to him. He introduced me to tons of amazing musicians; Duane Allman, The Beatles, Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, James Brown and a long list of others. Some days he would just throw something new on and tell me to listen to it. I loved it and very much appreciate him whether he knows or not.

    Additionally, both of my parents enjoyed music and have always encouraged me to play and perform. They took me to my first concert, Aerosmith; in 1998, when I was in the third grade. I fell in love with live music that night. My dad is a big seventies’ rock guy, particularly of the southern variety. When he introduced me to Lynyrd Skynyrd, I literally thought I had found guitar heaven. I learned EVERY song and EVERY solo. I still know them, and I still love them. My mom is a classically trained Pianist, and didn't play much when I was growing up, but it was a real treat when she would.

    I was eighteen years old when I met our drummer Isaac Eady for the first time. I had just dropped out of college for the first of three times and was looking to start a band. I got together with my best friend and long-time fellow musician Danny Hartman, and along with our good friend Houston Jones, we became the band Two Dogs Rose. We played around in Tennessee for a couple years and after the band went separate ways, I moved down to Destin, Florida. But even back then, I always knew that I would want to play music with Isaac. The way he played has always been kinda' magical the way he just totally feels his instrument and he has been a major influence on me as a musician ever since...


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